MOISTURE is the number one issue for most homes

Get a Predictive Performance Evaluation

Specifically for wood frame buildings  constructed as residential dwellings of either single family or multi family construction.

A Predictive Performance Evaluation™ is a way to determine how a building will perform over longer periods. It assess risks associated with moisture, mechancial systems,  indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

PPE is best performed before construction begins, but it can be a way to assess a building's pre-renovation also.

It begins with an assessment of the building design and planned or current construction. A scope of work is provided to each trade. "House as a System"is the focus.

Ideally, site reviews and meetings with various tradespeople will take place prior to construction commencement to set expectations.

This is more than building code minimums, although the current building code is also used to develop the scope of work for the dwelling. 

According to our builders they save thousands of dollars on callbacks and service. Homeowner's benefit by knowing how the building was constructed and it far exceeds minimum building code since we don't rely on just a visual inspection after work is completed.

The Alberta New Home Buyer Protection Act comes into force February 1, 2014

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Don't let this happen to your new home!

This is a 7 year old house!
This much frost is not normal. 

The cause was a combination of poor air sealing into the attic and high pressure created by the furnace.
Poorly installed windows didn't show up for the first 6 years. But when they did the cost was almost $85,000
Predictive Performance Evaluation™ is a third party program to evaluate a buildings design and construction. This does not guarantee no moisture problems; it provides real life risk levels and risk reduction techniques to both owner and builder.

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