Predictive Performance Evaluations ™

For new construction or pre-renovation

Can be as comprehensive or basic as your budget permits.

Plan review

  • Specifications
  • Product and Materials
  • Installation Details
  • Building Code

Site Reviews & Testing

  • Pre-backfill
  • Pre-cladding
  • Pre-drywall -          includes air tightness
         & Infrared
  • Pre-occupancy

Written Documentation

  • Workmanship issues
  • Risk assessment
  • Performance indicators

Predictive Performance Evaluations™ start at $400

The Alberta New Home Buyer Protection Act comes into force February 1, 2014

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Sometimes anomalies show up during testing before occupancy. Infrared thermography will show a dark or light area but a moisture meter will confirm or deny the presence of moisture.
Testing of the materials to ensure the wood is dry prior to insulation and poly application
Insulation gaps can reduce the overall energy efficiency by 10-12% or more. A second set of eyes or even the knowledge that it will be checked can reduce this.
Cut in the weather barrier would have been un noticed until moisture ingress occurred or worse it wasn’t noticed and 10 years later the effects are identified by deterioration
Simple things like caulking joints that require it. Proper sized cladding and paper lapping
Flashing should be installed behind the upper weather barrier and below the lower. It is easier to just tape it on top, but long term this does not perform.
Physically check the building as the exterior papers, flashings and weather barriers are applied to ensure the risks of water ingress are reduced. A second set of eyes to help both the builder and tradespeople.
If you look closely you can see that the roof flashing is in front of the window flange. This common issue can go unnoticed until the first rainfall after possession and the cost then is high for all involved
Predictive Performance Evaluation™ is a third party program to evaluate a building's design and construction. This does not guarantee no moisture problems; it provides real life risk levels and risk reduction techniques to both owner and builder.

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